Thanks to the world we live in,it is super easy for you to look at yourself & tell yourself ever so clearly what is wrong with you. We all know exactly what we could change about ourselves from our hair to our clothes and just about everything. We can all see ever so clearly what is wrong with us …

How about we switch the tables around & see everything that is amazing about ourselves.  I know this is a lot easier said than done. Believe me I asked myself what was wrong with me and I could immediately in 10 secs list everything that was wrong with me .

But the funny thing was that when my friend asked me to identify my selling point (This is a Nigerian way of asking was is so great about you). It took me 3 mins to come up with 3 selling points.  I kid you not I was struggling. That is just CRAZY. I could not come up with my selling points . It was at this moment I that I realized how badly I had self- condemned myself … like for real only 3 selling points??? (There had to be more right???)

It was then I also realized how social media had got me thinking that everyone’s life was a lot better than mine. It even got to a point that I did not feel like my holiday had happened because I did not post it on social media.

It soon dawn on me that we were are own biggest enemies. Someone once said to me that we need to be nice to ourselves. This at 1st felt like a foreign concept to me.. As I thought I was nice to myself.The truth is that if any of our friends spoke to us, the way we sometimes spoke to our own-selves, we for sure wouldn’t still be friends with that person.


I just want to make this absolutely clear

For Gods sake there is nothing wrong with you. You are PERFECT
just perfect the way God made you. I believe in God and I know that he doesn’t make mistakes.

So when I get myself into a rot self-condemning myself, comparing myself to everyone else or feel the need to list out all my flaws. I stand up turn on some Afro beats jams and throw myself a fabulous dance party to celebrate the all kinds of amazing/flawless that I am. You should try it. It always works.

VISION – (The power to see the unseen)

VISION – (The power to see the unseen).

VISION – (The power to see the unseen)

Sometimes it is hard to see, where you are going. From where you are siting. It is like climbing a tree to get a better view,but unfortunately it is taking too long to get to the top, the problem is that without this view you have no clear direction.


This is where VISION comes in , the beautiful part of having VISION is that you do not need to climb so high to figure out your direction.

In fact you do not need to do any climbing .

All you have to do is sit down and close your eyes to see it. If we used VISION a lot more, it would save us all the climbing time, then we could spend all that time & energy working on achieving are visions.


The problem is that when our eyes are open, we can only see with our human eyes. This means that 9 times out of 10 we do not use any of our other senses.

The best way I can explain this is.  As a physiotherapist student I have to learn how to find the different muscle groups/ligaments e.t.c when I had my eyes open, I was relying  on my eyes to be able to find these muscles so I was not using my sense of touch. But immediately I closed my eyes, I could “VISION” the muscles without using my eyes.  This allowed me to tap into my sense of touch, so I could easily find the muscles.

Although my eyes are usually an advantage to me they were doing me a disservice at that moment, because by giving me human sight they were inevitably blinding my “inner eyes”. So I was blind even with my eyes wide open.

All I am saying is that we need VISION,

This is the only thing that allows us to see the unseen

If you are trying to build anything or do anything.You need to have VISION, this allows you to see everything before it even happens.

It is like I always say to my friends,  you can not convince anyone else of your VISION  when you yourself can not see  it. If you can’t see it no one else will be able to see it or believe in it.

With vision you have already won half of the battle, but without vision you are powerless.

It is like you going into a board room to convince investors to back your new business venture. You can not convince them that your business will work if you yourself  do not fully believe in it, cause they will see right through it; making it nearly impossible for them to back your business.

All I am saying in humble opinion, is that VISION is everything, it is what will keep you focused and carry you through the rough paths. LOL … know those times when you want to turn back but you have just come too far to quit now.

Lydia says, when the road gets tough,  “Just close your eyes and VISION it”. Then convince everyone beyond all reasonable doubt that you are not crazy and your vision is real & absolutely possible”.

Make them look crazy for ever  doubting you

IMG_20150805_011408 (2)

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Brighton PART 3.0 & Travel Tips

We woke up early to prepare for our big day of hiking, we packed our bags with all the things that we thought we would need for the day  food, water e.t.c  we then decided to have a quick stop at Aldi to buy some extra stuff … if you live in England you will know that Aldi has this amazing cheap bakery… so I decided to pick up a few treats the only problem was that i started eating them before I had paid for it, pls don’t judge me I could not help myself. As you can imagine I got into trouble with the security guard..lets just say I had my fair share of public embarrassment for one day… We finally had all we needed so,it was time to conquer the  coast lines of Brighton

We had a smooth journey it took us about an hour to get to 7 seven sisters (the beginning of our hiking trail) so we were getting a little impatient but when we finally got there it was definitely worth the wait
I have no words to describe this place….. Just let’s say we took the time out to bow to majesty of our amazing creator …. This place made us fill so small and so thankful
I will let you see for yourself ….just so u know the pictures do not do this place justice

no words
no words
mother nature
mother nature
little surprises a long the way !!!!
little surprises a long the way !!!!

The hike took about 5-6 hrs in total including breaks…

The trail was beautiful but also very challenging as I am afraid of heights .. lets just say I cried at a point…the rest of the time I tried desperately not to shit my pants .. but in the end it was all worth it

The struggle was too real here
The struggle was too real here
i made it
I made it !!!!!
photo 2 (1)
The view
Just too beutiful
Just too beautiful

photo 4

The road less traveled
The road less traveled
roads less traveled are the best
roads less traveled are the best

….the next day,it was unfortunately time to leave we decided to enjoy every min we had left … So we woke up early after breakfast we headed into town for the last  time

We had to go to the beach one more time ……We got our feet wet in the amazing sea water .. We let the waves hit our legs and filled our lungs with the amazing sea air for the last time …then it was time to head to the train station …we had learned our lesson this time so we left early
As we walked down to the station we taught we were done with Brighton but fortunately  Brighton was not done with us it had a few fun surprises along the way
Best to see this one.
….. Writing our dreams on the wall

dream wall
dream wall
...we found inspiration in the most unlikely place ..
…we found inspiration in the most unlikely place ..
well what can i say
well what can i say… we could not help ourselves (street wall art is legal in Brighton) 

So if you would like to plan your own short trip, here are my 8 top tips to help you
1) You will need a budget big or small …it always a good idea.
2) Book your travel early the earlier the cheaper.
3) If you live in the UK a rail card is the way forward I promise.
4) Where possible book all your activities in advance.
5) A tour guide is always a good idea …if u want to get into the heart of the town/city.
6)Get lost as much as possible …(within reason).
7) Try not to worry yourself about things you can not change.
8) Cook some of your meals it will save you a lot of money.

Budget wise we spent btw £100 -£150.(hope this helps)

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So my editor in chief was not impressed with my last Brighton blog . In my attempt to keep it short I left out some important details out so lets run this back….. just being me just being me

From part one do you remember Jackie our amazing guide…(if not you will need to go back up). When she was telling us about the history of Brighton . She told us that Brighton started to grow when this “Doctor” set up a clinic on the beach ..(in those days that it was a big every one was afraid of the water..with all the mysterious and  unknown powers it held ) LOL… OK I made that part up but I am sure that was what they were thinking …

So this doctor sets up a  clinic on the beach and claims that the cure for everything was sea water… he recommended diping yourself in it/ drinking it

I am sure you are thinking where in Gods name did he get his degree from… But surprisingly  this actually worked as most people that came to see him lived in London which was very polluted at that time …. so when they came down to Brighton drinking the sea water made them throw up so it cleansed there tummy ..and the clean air helped them to feel better.”so the doctor was actually on to something.

Of course, when our dear Jackie told us this we said it was just B.S .But as the days pasted we soon realized that there was something different about the people in Brighton, Apart from them being very friendly and nice . They all had a big smile on their face …This may not seem very significant to you but trust me if you lived in London you will understand Londoners do not smile. I mean nobody is even playing those games with you.

So when we have people smiling at us and being super helpful your girls do a little happy dance and say a mini thank you prayer to our dear Jesus in heaven..

And the best part of this is that all the guys in Brighton are HOT. When I say HOT I mean fine as hell, like beautiful like stop in the middle of the road when you are late for for your train just to look at the beautiful work of God as V and I would love to call it …

Trust me it was not long before we agreed  that doctor does not sound so crazy at all .. what ever the people of Brighton were drinking or diping themselves in, that was what we definitely needed in our lives

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