Best Friend Tag

Hi guys,

I hope you all are doing well. I am sorry that I have been away for so long. Moving back to Nigeria has been a lot to handle. I have been writing so I have loads of good stuff for you coming soon… YAY!!

I will officially be back next Wednesday but in the meantime, I have a best friend tag video up for you that I recorded with one of my best friends ( p.s I have 3 ). I hope you enjoy watching this video.

 See you on Wednesday !! . All  my love Lydia


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A Mother’s Love

Hi guys we just celebrated mother day on Sunday. I could not think of anything better to write this week but share my experience and understanding of what a mother’s love is. This one goes out to my real MVP/ all day every day. I love you all the way to the moon & back.


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Perfect Love

Hi guys, this is the first post for the new #TeamJESUS category !!!!!  I also have recording about this topic on SoundCloud I will leave a link below ..

This one is simple I just wanted to shed some light on being a Christian woman (Calm yourselves)

How can I even begin to explain the love of God. It is like asking me to explain why air is important ???  The answer is simple without it I would die

no fear

A lot of people love God or say they love God because of what he does … I won’t even lie. I was one of them. That is why when I didn’t get my way I would throw a tantrum !!!

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Words …..

Thanks to the internet ….  (which I completely love & I still believe that wifi is a human right). We are no longer accountable for our words.

We simply just write whatever we like because no one holds us accountable for our words. Just because no one holds us accountable for our words doesn’t mean that they have any less impact.


The bible says that (yes I am bringing the bible into this)

The power of life and death is in our tongue (proverbs 18 vs 21)

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This week i am giving out the details of the

Time out day 

I talked about in my last video

I made another video this week as it would be much easier than writing it


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