Porn Scars ??

Hi, guys this week. I have something a bit different  for you. I decided to do a video just share what I have learnt recently about the effects porn can have on our minds.P.S I am no expert.I am just sharing what I have learnt. I would love to hear all your opinions on this topic.

I hope you enjoy this video.

All my  Love Lydia

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Rejoice in the Lord !!

rejoice in the lord

They say joy is not affected by your circumstances or situation.

As a child of God or woman of faith, we are told to rejoice in the Lord.Rejoice in the sense that never ever be sad … you just keep dancing and thanking God because of who he is. ( Perfect love )

Some months or phases in life are definitely tougher than others, so we often forgot this commandant which is to simply to rejoice. I am as guilty of this as the next person, some days some situations get me a bit cranky. Believe me, cranky me is not someone you want to meet.

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Perfect Love

Hi guys, this is the first post for the new #TeamJESUS category !!!!!  I also have recording about this topic on SoundCloud I will leave a link below ..

This one is simple I just wanted to shed some light on being a Christian woman (Calm yourselves)

How can I even begin to explain the love of God. It is like asking me to explain why air is important ???  The answer is simple without it I would die

no fear

A lot of people love God or say they love God because of what he does … I won’t even lie. I was one of them. That is why when I didn’t get my way I would throw a tantrum !!!

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