Nok by Alara

Nok by Alara restaurant Review.  

Hi, guys…

I hope that you are all doing well. I am sorry for not putting anything on the blog last week. Your girl had some serious exams. Believe, me I am so happy that they are finally behind me. (the struggle was too real).

Last week Tuesday one of my  high school friends (Eniola) who is not based in Lagos  was back for the week. My other friend Onyi & I decided to meet up with her for Lunch. We had a fabulous time. So I naturally had to share.

For Lunch, we went to NOK by Alara. I have to give this place 4.7/ 5  you will soon see why.

exterior view


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Lekki Conservation Center


Hi guys ….

I hope that you are doing well… ??  Thought this week I would have something fun on the blog for you.

Last weekend I decided that I need to get some fresh air. (Like for real if stayed in  my house for one more min I would kill somebody).  My friend & I decided that we should go out. Then the next question was obviously where would we go ?? Since I haven’t lived in Lagos for the past 5 years. I didn’t have the answer to that question.

Me being me said that I would think of something and get back to him. Since I really didn’t know what I was talking about. I did the only logical thing any girl in my position would do I googled “Things to so in Lagos” LOL.  Among many other things

“Lekki Conservation center”

came up. It had some good reviews so I decide that we were going to check it out. I can proudly say…best decision ever !! It was so much fun that I had to blog about it. They say love is sharing . (So I am sharing because I love you all)

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Explore Bath with me !!!

They say to travel you don’t have to be rich you just need to be able to sacrifices little pleasures for memories that  will last you a lifetime.

This is one of my favourite quotes  p.s I have many …  with this in mind I packed my bags and headed down to London where I met my sister (partner in crime) &  we headed down to  Bath.If I had to describe bath I would describe it as if France & Italy had a baby they would make Bath. The Calm yet steady pace of the beautiful city & the well-preserved Roman buildings gives this city a very modern-victorian vibe. No wonder Bath is the only world heritage city in the UK.

World heritage sign

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Sky Garden London

Hi guys

If you have been following this blog long enough you would know that I have a wandering spirit.(If not now you know)

My little wandering spirit led me to the sky gardens in London.Where I am currently writing this from.


This place is one word stunning. I can only imagine what the sunset would like from up here. I guess I will just have to keep wondering.

The sky garden is only 5 mins walk from Fenchurch street station. The best part is that is totally free to get in.(you just need a reservation online)

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London Ohh London

DSC_0042 (1)

I went down to London last week (because I can’t stay in one place). I actually went down to see the family. Back home in Nigeria, everyone wants to go to London. For some reason, they think it’s this magical place… I can’t blame them compared to Lagos I guess it is. To be honest I used to think so too until I finally got to London about 5 years ago. If London was my first impression of the UK I would have happily gone back home but thankfully I lived in the beautiful oxford. To say I hated London would be an understatement. Pls don’t get me wrong London is beautiful. BUT  the people were just plain rude. They were always in a rush, they pushed you around, nobody smiled, to top it off it was so expensive (Oyster card struggles). I was left wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to live in London it was honestly not worth all that hassle.

Since then I have been down to London a few times but I really didn’t give London much  of chance but last week my good old wondering spirit decided to. I was quite surprised with what I found.  keep reading to see all I got up to.

Stopped by China Town for Lunch

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