Best Friend Tag

Hi guys,

I hope you all are doing well. I am sorry that I have been away for so long. Moving back to Nigeria has been a lot to handle. I have been writing so I have loads of good stuff for you coming soon… YAY!!

I will officially be back next Wednesday but in the meantime, I have a best friend tag video up for you that I recorded with one of my best friends ( p.s I have 3 ). I hope you enjoy watching this video.

 See you on Wednesday !! . All  my love Lydia


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….Will be back soon


Hi guys!! I hope you all are doing well. As you all know I have been on a little break. (P.S you know I never really stop writing). To be completely honest with you. I took a break because I have been super busy with my final exams. (keep your fingers crossed for the results). I took  a break not only because of  my exams, the truth is that I have been kinda hiding a little. When I  write I can’t lie, writing forces me   to become vulnerable. I have to bring down all my walls & allow you see inside it. For someone like that can be a bit difficult because my walls protect me from harm & no one wants to let go of their shield.

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A Mother’s Love

Hi guys we just celebrated mother day on Sunday. I could not think of anything better to write this week but share my experience and understanding of what a mother’s love is. This one goes out to my real MVP/ all day every day. I love you all the way to the moon & back.


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This week I thought it was time you got to know a bit about the person behind EverydaypeoplebyLydia. So did a get to know me video.. Something different i guess…. Enjoy xx

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giving yes

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time but I somehow haven’t gotten around to it. So I decided that since I will be running a 10k ,to help raise money for the men/women homes that my church runs for people with substance abuse problems. I thought that this would a great time to finally write this post. (All details/links can be found below).

My immediate younger sister is almost always broke LOL… She somehow manages to burn through all her money at an alarming rate. I mean it is so bad that at home we call her … Okwu na-eli ego. Which translates to the Fire that burns money.

So when she came over to stay with me during the Easter break, we were just talking and laughing about her “brokenness” level while trying to somehow figure out where in god’s  name all her money goes to and maybe come up with a solution to her problem. We ended up just going into town to grab a few things as we couldn’t come up with anything useful.

While we were in town every homeless person my sister would see, she would stop and give them some money. When she finally ran out of change she took money from my purse to give them. Even when we were going back home and desperately running not to miss our train. She would still stop to give them some money!!!! I was there screaming, “You have got be kidding me !!!!! We are going to miss our train!!!! “, but she wouldn’t listen to me. Which drove me insane!!!

Later that evening I realised that, my sister has always behaved like this. Since we were little she would always stop and give whatever she had to the beggars and when she did not have any more money to give, she would ask my parents for some money to give to them. I soon realised that although we all call her okwu na eli ego at home and that she is somehow always broke, she had never ever in her life lacked any thing that she needed. Somebody somehow had always come to provide for her.

I guess that this is the power of giving.

giving 2.0

Since that day, I always stop and give anything I have to homeless people I see  . Even if it is just a banana or an orange.

I guess that it is all these little things that count. I feel blessed whenever I get the chance to give to them. Just their thank you or smile makes my day.

 In case you were wondering, we did not miss our train it was delayed… Lol I told you givers never lack.

TIP:- Give as much as possible. The other person probably needs it more than you do. It also teaches you selflessness.


Shout out to my amazing sister for teaching me the importance of giving.

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