For the longest time I have loved day dreaming. It started out as a coping mechanism. I used it to tune out all the noise in my house (I am the 1st of 8 children). My house is always super busy and my mum bless her heart was always screaming about something).

Over time I have developed the ability to block out any type of noise. I can decide at any time stop listening to my surroundings. Of course like anything else it has its advantages/disadvantages.

One of the main advantages of day dreaming, was that in my dreams I could be anything and do everything. One minute I would be in Asia, the next minute I was in America. There was absolutely nothing I could not do.  NOTHING WAS IMPOSSIBLE .The world was mine for the picking. I loved every minute of it !!!

It was then I cultivated my love for the “IMPOSSIBLE”. The dictionary defines IMPOSSIBLE  as something not able to occur or be done. That honestly does not sound right to me, so I am changing it to something that has yet to be done. (And yes I can change the meaning of a word if I want to..)

Can you imagine the reactions people had when the Wright brothers told people that they were going to make an airplane ???  I am sure people told them they were crazy and that it was impossible. Honestly if I was there, I would have told them that they had definitely lost their minds.

But this did not stop them. They just went on to prove to everyone that it was indeed POSSIBLE. Today I am grateful to them for believing in the IMPOSSIBLE, because without them the world we live in today would be very different. I am just happy that I was not one of those who told them that flying a plane was IMPOSSIBLE because I would have felt very stupid indeed.


cool 2.0

My point is that there is nothing that is IMPOSSIBLE. In my own crazy opinion that word should not even exist or it should be changed to mean something that has not been done YET. In fact I think we should all embrace the IMPOSSIBLE

“The impossible has the power to pull greatness out of you”

If anyone ever tells you that something is impossible, Please for your pleasure and a bit of mine.  Please kindly prove to them that, there is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE.

TIP:- Believe in the IMPOSSIBLE and if you get the chance to, make it POSSIBLE.

P.S – I believe in God and he specializes in the IMPOSSIBLE.

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Thanks to the world we live in,it is super easy for you to look at yourself & tell yourself ever so clearly what is wrong with you. We all know exactly what we could change about ourselves from our hair to our clothes and just about everything. We can all see ever so clearly what is wrong with us …

How about we switch the tables around & see everything that is amazing about ourselves.  I know this is a lot easier said than done. Believe me I asked myself what was wrong with me and I could immediately in 10 secs list everything that was wrong with me .

But the funny thing was that when my friend asked me to identify my selling point (This is a Nigerian way of asking was is so great about you). It took me 3 mins to come up with 3 selling points.  I kid you not I was struggling. That is just CRAZY. I could not come up with my selling points . It was at this moment I that I realized how badly I had self- condemned myself … like for real only 3 selling points??? (There had to be more right???)

It was then I also realized how social media had got me thinking that everyone’s life was a lot better than mine. It even got to a point that I did not feel like my holiday had happened because I did not post it on social media.

It soon dawn on me that we were are own biggest enemies. Someone once said to me that we need to be nice to ourselves. This at 1st felt like a foreign concept to me.. As I thought I was nice to myself.The truth is that if any of our friends spoke to us, the way we sometimes spoke to our own-selves, we for sure wouldn’t still be friends with that person.


I just want to make this absolutely clear

For Gods sake there is nothing wrong with you. You are PERFECT
just perfect the way God made you. I believe in God and I know that he doesn’t make mistakes.

So when I get myself into a rot self-condemning myself, comparing myself to everyone else or feel the need to list out all my flaws. I stand up turn on some Afro beats jams and throw myself a fabulous dance party to celebrate the all kinds of amazing/flawless that I am. You should try it. It always works.

VISION – (The power to see the unseen)

VISION – (The power to see the unseen).


This one is close to my heart guys…… I hope it gives you the strength/ practical tips to help you redefine yourself.

On my way to work I saw the poster below…..

kick as.....

What really cut my attention was the words …….

under this gloves is a beautiful manicure

It made me laugh , to me it was like her way of telling the world to shut up and shove all their stereotypes of what they expected her to be. She was going to be the only one that got to define herself.  I was thinking go girl you tell them… and while you are at it bunch anyone that tries to stop you…LOL !!!!!!

We live in a world where people are very quick to judge you, they expect you to fit into one box as this makes them more comfortable. As human beings we like certainty and anything outside that certainty makes us uncomfortable. So subconsciously  we try to conform to just being one thing as this will fulfill the  pre-constructed stereotypes that society has made, not because we like it but it is what we have been taught is “normal”… (that is what we tell ourselves ), when truly it has just been us being too afraid to step out of our comfort zone.

I used to try to decide  on the one thing I wanted to be. But for some reason I could never settle on one thing… it always felt like I was missing something. (now I know why LOL.)  Until one day it finally hit me why in Gods name would I ever want to be one thing when I can be so much more.??? Why could I not be everything I wanted to be ??

When I look back at those times I tried to decide on one career path… I laugh at myself… I imagine being a child in this amazing ice-cream shop…. I mean for real guys this ice-cream shop has all the flavors of ice-cream I could have ever dreamed of and more .. then my mum comes in and tells me that I can only pick one flavor of ice-cream…. I am thinking mother why have you done this to me …But I want so much more!!!!!

It is the same thing with choosing a career path…..why do you have to just be a lawyer… why can’t you be a lawyer and chef….. I am not saying in any way that choosing one career path is wrong… I am just saying it is ok… to chose more than one path.

I know you are probably thinking … Pls don’t even get me started on all the paths  I want to take…. it is probably impossible to do all of them at once there is just one of me !!!!!!!

Yes yes I know there is only one of you… so below you will find 5 practical tips to get you started…. All you will need is a pen & paper.

1) Take a pen and a paper and write a list of all career paths you have ever wanted to follow and could never decide on………….Yes even the stupid ones.

2) Narrow them down to the top 5 (within reason )

3) Decided on the first one you think you can begin to work on.

4) You are going to need to focus on that one for however long it takes you to get that up and running……

5) Move on to number 2 on that list…. then repeat step 4.

This is probably easier said than done… P.S this will take some time ….so this is not for the faint hearted ….  you have been warned  

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Mirror Mirror on the wall…………

One of the most powerful quotes I have ever read…. That truly changed me was

The best way to predict the future is to create it

It is a very simple quote… But it tells a big story….. it tells the story of the constant battle we all fight with ourselves.

It took me a really long time to fully understand what this quote was telling me, until one day it finally clicked.I can only explain it in one word self-discipline. The dictionary defines self-discipline as the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.

I finally understood this quote when I looked in the mirror…. And the mirror did not reflect what I expected to see. I did not see a person that was even remotely close to who I truly was on the inside. I finally realized that, that person only existed in my head

The big question is how do you pull the person in your head out so that one day when you look in the mirror, your reflection is actually who you see yourself as.

It all comes down to self-discipline….. for only after we have conquered the enemy inside can we even begin to fight the enemy outside.

I personally had to learn this the hard way… because of the course I study.  I have to go on placements. My placements start at 8:00 AM that meant I had to be up everyday at 6:00 AM, this also meant I had to be in bed for 10:00 PM to allow me get my much need 8 hrs of sleep. For a night owl like me it was a big struggle, but every time forced my self to go sleep at 10:00 PM. I was grateful the next morning.But when I did not get to bed for 10:00 PM I paid for it dearly the next day.

I can promise you that it will not be easy, I promise that it will suck most of the time,but I also promise you that  at the end of the day you will be grateful for every min of it.

So I Challenge you to take a good look at the mirror and if you are not happy with your reflection… try a little self-discipline….. I promise you will be glad you did.

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