The Road Less Travelled

road less 2.0

It’s almost 12:00 pm & as always I can’t sleep. I wasn’t going  to put up any blog post this week, not because I hadn’t written one. To be completely honest I have written more than 7 different ones in the last week, but for some reason (kinda like a gut feeling) None of them seem to be the right one. They all just didn’t feel right.

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5 simple & effective ways to stay motivated

cool backgroundHi, guys this week I will be dishing out my 5 simple, tried & test ways of staying motivated every single day .

If you are anything like me staying motivated can be a struggle !!!  Most times when we even finally get motivated it does not last !!! ( for real nothing could be more annoying) The quote below got me thinking (yes if you didn’t know I have  slight obsession with quotes) 

motivationn des not last 2.0

So I decided to find ways to stay motivated every single day…….

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Words …..

Thanks to the internet ….  (which I completely love & I still believe that wifi is a human right). We are no longer accountable for our words.

We simply just write whatever we like because no one holds us accountable for our words. Just because no one holds us accountable for our words doesn’t mean that they have any less impact.


The bible says that (yes I am bringing the bible into this)

The power of life and death is in our tongue (proverbs 18 vs 21)

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When you go for a Job interview they 1st thing they ask you for is your CV ….

Have you ever wondered why ???  The answer is simple .. They are  trying to determine your value… The big questions is, what are you WORTH ??

If you know me … You would know that I love my quotes. I came across this quote recently


and believe me when I say that this one really hit home

Being in my final year everyone keeps asking me this “annoying” question, “so what are you going to do when you graduate?? “

My answer is normally … “I don’t know may be get a job” ???

                      Deep down in my soul what I really want to say is                                               (which would be totally inappropriate to say is)



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FEAR with a bit of RISK


Was planning on writing about something different this week. But this topic somehow crept up on me.

We all have desires… But most of the time we do nothing about them. We all have a  bad habit of somehow turning them into wishes.

One of the major reasons for this is simple “FEAR”.

            The FEAR of FAILURE

I sometimes wonder what we would do if we knew we could not fail…….                   (I guess we will never find out)
Fear is a funny thing…… I say funny because most of our biggest fears only exist in our heads. Yet it has the power to paralysis us, stopping us from ever achieving our goals. LOL is it not funny?? How something that is not even real can have such a big hold over us.

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