You should have seen my face when I saw this ad come up on youtube. I was like Yes!!! Finally, they are getting it right.

I was so happy with this ad because it is something I  believe very strongly in. If you are wondering why ??? the reason is simple

I come from a country (Nigeria) where people are defined by their gender, tribes e.t.c Immediately you walk through the door they have already labelled you. They have decided who you are, the kind of things they think you like & most of all what you can & can’t do. Our culture encourages women to make them ourselves small  or try to  put us in boxes just to make other people feel comfortable

Luckily for me, I went to an all-girls secondary school.  There we were all the same. Nobody told us what we could not do, instead they told us all the things we could do. There nobody told us we could not go into the science department because we were not “smart enough” or these kind of subjects are “only for boys”.  There we learnt how to build cars & how to cook.  We got to define ourselves as we deemed fit. When it come to sports we played basketball, football, chess..e.t.c

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5 ways to fall in love with yourself !!!

wonderfully made

It is a new year !!! So I decided to do you all a favour & dish out my 5 top tips on how to fall in love with yourself every single day !!!!

Time for some  self Tender Loving Care   

Before  I dish out my 5 top tips, I would like to remind all of us about the importance of loving and treating ourselves with some respect.

I wanted to remind us that we are a thing of value, so we must treat ourselves as such VALUABLE &  IMPORTANT.

Do you know how a queen knows that she is a queen… ??? the answer is simple she knows she is a queen because of the way people treat her. She probably lives in a palace and has maids … If she lived in some one bedroom horrible apartment and could not even feed herself… Then you told her she was a queen she would never believe you. The same thing applies to the way we treat ourselves 

  1)  Wake up on the Right side of the bed

Before you roll your eyes hear me out .. There is such a thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  You can’t fall in love with yourself when you wake up grumpy. To help put you in a good mood just think about 2 things you are grateful for… It could be something as simple as  I am thankful because I have food and a warm house

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“What will Be will Be”

what will be

If you are anything like me you love to ask God questions. So God why did this happen??? why did that happen???? When will this happen??? WHY WHY WHY??  Ohh Pls tell me already !!!! Answer me now !!! Why are you not answering me??!!!

The answer I always get or the  song that always comes to my head is

*When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be, will I be* *pretty will I be rich guess what she said to me *

*Dear Sarah, Sarah  *

*whatever will be will be the futures for us to see *

*Dear Sarah,  Sarah what will be will be*

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When you go for a Job interview they 1st thing they ask you for is your CV ….

Have you ever wondered why ???  The answer is simple .. They are  trying to determine your value… The big questions is, what are you WORTH ??

If you know me … You would know that I love my quotes. I came across this quote recently


and believe me when I say that this one really hit home

Being in my final year everyone keeps asking me this “annoying” question, “so what are you going to do when you graduate?? “

My answer is normally … “I don’t know may be get a job” ???

                      Deep down in my soul what I really want to say is                                               (which would be totally inappropriate to say is)



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The ability to see an object from a different perspective is like having 3D glasses it allows you to see the same object in whole different dimension. You did not change the object you only changed your perspective.

The hospital is a funny place, I say funny because it is probably the place you will find the sickest/weakness people but it is also where you find the kindest/strongest of people. You can’t pay someone to care, you can’t pay someone to be patient…..
Most days at work I abuse this privilege that I have been given to care for other human beings in their time of need.This is usually because I get so caught up trying to make sure I see the next patient, finish all my notes and impress my clinical educators all at once. (that one is important I guess a girl is trying to get a degree )

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