2 Best Life Advice Ever

2 Best Life advice ever……
P.S feel free to skip the background story & get to the advice. I just personally like you to know all the details.
Hi, hope you are all doing well? … I haven’t written properly in a while. It’s good to get back to doing what I love.
This happened a while ago #throwback. I went to the village for the Christmas break. On my back. From the village, I took a flight from Enugu to Lagos. On this flight, I was blessed to sit next to a very kind older woman. Named Mrs. Lios Willams. We started talking. Since she was British I just had to ask what she was doing.  In the east. She laughed & acknowledged my surprise then she told me that she was here for a wedding. He best friends son was getting married to an Igbo girl so she came down. She told me how colourful the wedding was & how she enjoyed the warmth & love that came from each family member. Even though they could all not agree on what needed to be done. I laughed typical Nigerian family too much love … But 100% no organisation.
We had many other interesting conversations on the plane… But I don’t want to bore you guys with all that
 What I do want to tell you is what her answer was when I asked her for her two best advice on how to live your life. ( thought it would be a good question since she has been doing life a lot longer than most of us) below are her answers
1)  Live in the moment don’t worry about the past. 
If you stay in the past you will miss all the great things happening now. You never get this very moment back. So breath & enjoy it.
2) Everything you do do it from your heart.
You can’t loss if you do everything from your heart.It means that you won’t chase the money but you will do what brings you joy & in doing that you will help make the world a better place, which will bring you joy & fulfilment.
There you have it, folks you only have to follow these 2 very simple advice to live a happy & fulfilling life.
All  my love Lydia xx

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