Nok by Alara

Nok by Alara restaurant Review.  

Hi, guys…

I hope that you are all doing well. I am sorry for not putting anything on the blog last week. Your girl had some serious exams. Believe, me I am so happy that they are finally behind me. (the struggle was too real).

Last week Tuesday one of my  high school friends (Eniola) who is not based in Lagos  was back for the week. My other friend Onyi & I decided to meet up with her for Lunch. We had a fabulous time. So I naturally had to share.

For Lunch, we went to NOK by Alara. I have to give this place 4.7/ 5  you will soon see why.

exterior view


Interior  view

The restaurant had a great modern west African vibe which I absolutely loved. Special shout out to the amazing staff they get 5 stars from me for their excellent customer service.

The food gave me Life !!!

                     You guys know that I am all about the food…  the food was delicious. After lunch, we stopped to check out Alara.


I think I fell in  love with this place. I have never seen African culture so beautifully displayed. I really don’t know how to described this place you will just have to check it out because theses pictures won’t do it justice.



After seeing all this, if you are wondering why 4.7 stars & not 5 the answer is simple the drinks were a bit on the expensive side. Coming from a woman who loves her cocktails. I was not happy.

All in all, it was a fab day.


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  1. hey!!!! nice thoughts here. is this place in Nigeria cos i’m actually blown away the beauty?
    anyways thumbs up for bringing this beauty to display, apologies on the part of the drinks.

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