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I know it has been way too long…. Let’s just say life got me to the point that  for one second I considered dying. I genuinely thought it would be easier. I would love to say that I am back to writing but that would be a lie. I must first allow time to heal my wounds before I can continue. (But I foresee a comeback in the making)

One of my favourite quotes.. (p.s if you know me, you would know that I have a lot) by the late Dr.Maya Angelou says.

Though we face many defeats we must not be defeated….


How true her words are. It is a very painful thing to face defeat. Believe me, I know. Some defeats leave you truly speechless. While some hit you so hard the only thing you can do is retreat and look for cover. Others have you cursing the day you were born, while desperately praying to God to take your life.

Dr. Maya makes it clear in the above quote that there is a difference between you encountering defeats and you being defeated. I have come to learn that allowing yourself to be defeated is actually worse than the defeat that caused it. To be defeated means to resign all hope, you decide not to even try anymore, you decide that this defeat or loss is the end of you. If you are anything like me you throw yourself a big old pity party.

To feel defeated is a terrible thing, to physically, mentally and emotionally be too exhausted to even attempt to get up, that you choose the easiest option which is just to lie down there.

Honestly, I won’t blame anyone who decides to stay there. (Some days it really is too much to ask anyone to get back up). As a person who is literally fighting each day just to get out of bed. I would understand if you stay there. The only problem is for how long ??  How long will you decide to remain defeated ?

The hard truth is that life will hit us hard. It is easy to be happy when things are going well. You will only know your true strength when you overcome things you didn’t even know you could overcome. It is in overcoming your defeats that you find new/ unknown strength. When you hold it all together when everyone would understand if you fell apart.

To be undefeated I am learning is simply a state of mind. It is when you decided that you are going to get up. It’s ok if it takes a long time. The import thing is that you get up.

My sister & I used to say that it is ok to cry, it is ok to hide, or retreat. As long as when you wake up in the morning you dry your tears & get back up.

That is what it truly means to be Undefeated.

All my Love

Lydia xx


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  1. The 3D’s Discipline Determination and Diligence is such an important tool to achieve greatness.
    Well done Lydia. A virtuous lady with sound wisdom.

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