Consistency is… Key

we are what we reaptedly doHi guys…

I wish you could see the big smile on my face as I am writing this at 11:30 PM. I have missed writing so much. It is really good to be back. I have a lot in store for you so watch this space. Now back to this week’s blog…

As my amazing friend, Vanessa always says to me “Onyinye (Igbo name) all you have to do to know what is important to someone is to see how they spend their time. I never fully understood the weight of her words until one day it finally clicked. We all say we would love to have enough time to do this or do that…

I have come to the conclusion that there will never be enough time. We will always have 24 hours in one day… No more no less.

With that said how in God’s good name are we going to be able to get everything done? The key is simple consistency. To be consistent is to act or do something in the same manner repeatedly.For you to make that dream come true. You will need to consistently work on it  because you will never have enough time in one day to finish it, so you will have to come back to it every single day and work on it.

It’s like saying you want to lose weight you just can’t eat well and exercise for just one day. You have to do it every other day.

Consistency is the only difference between people that achieve their goals and those that do not.

You have to decide that that dream/ idea /ambition or whatever you choose to call it is important enough for you carve out time every single day to work on achieving it.

We need to cultivate the habit of putting in the work

Success Habits

Tip – Try setting apart a block of time to work on that dream/ goal every single day.

P.S If you get stuck which most of us will at some point don’t stop. Just come back tomorrow and do it again. Be like that Jacob in the bible that wrestled with an angle & won’t let him  go till he blessed him. (Genesis 32:22-31).

All my love Lydia


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