Can’t stop won’t stop….

quitting is not an option


For me to stop it would mean, that I am ok with where I am.

That is exactly what one of my friends who is currently working as Nurse while writing her exams to get into medical school said to me. When I asked her why in God’s good name she was still taking any more exams. When she said the above phrase to me I laughed hard.

I was like girl… you must be all kinds of crazy !!!  I can bearly finish one degree. You just finished 4 years of nursing school & you are about to sign yourself up for another 5 years of uni !!!

In my mind, I couldn’t think of anything worse. Later that day what she said got me thinking of  how a lot if people quit so easily & how  many people get so comfortable where they are that they forgot that although this place is  nice & comfy it is not where I was planning to stay. I was supposed to be just a pit stop to my main destination.

It was a stop .. not the destination.

It is so easy  to get comfortable in one place. For me personally, I know it is time to get my ass up & move when I become comfortable in one place. For me, it means I have fought & won every battle in that level. Now it is time for me to move up a level & challenge myself  again.

This what constant growth is all about.

It’s like when you were in high school,Immediately you  passed level 4 work they moved you up to level 5 because there is no need for you to stay in level 4 anymore. But unfortunately in life, some of us want to stay in level 4 for 3 years so we can continue to take the same exam over and over again. Getting A*’s. When in reality we have not really moved….

You have not challenged yourself so in 3 years you haven’t grown.

Big shout out to my amazing friend for teaching me this lesson. I promise you I will not quit until I am where I want to be.

Which in my head is owning my personal private Jet.

Don’t roll your eyes. I am working very hard & most importantly I have an amazing father in heaven who specialises in miracles.

All my love Lydia.

life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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4 Replies to “Can’t stop won’t stop….”

  1. OMG!!!! I love this!!! I feel so honored but yaaaasssss girl. Let’s go forth and conquer. Complacency is a luxury we can’t afford.

    Love you!!! Love this. I’m going to go and cry in solitude now from the honor❤

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