5 simple & effective ways to stay motivated

cool backgroundHi, guys this week I will be dishing out my 5 simple, tried & test ways of staying motivated every single day .

If you are anything like me staying motivated can be a struggle !!!  Most times when we even finally get motivated it does not last !!! ( for real nothing could be more annoying) The quote below got me thinking (yes if you didn’t know I have  slight obsession with quotes) 

motivationn des not last 2.0

So I decided to find ways to stay motivated every single day…….

The people around you –  I know you have heard this a thousand times (that is probably because it is very important). Believe me, when I say energy is contagious. If you hang around motivated people, you automatically become motivated. One of my friends recently said to me “Lydia you don’t have friends who have no future ambition.” When I thought of it was like yes I don’t, this is simply because I have made it a point to surround myself with people that push me to be the best version of myself possible.

Social media –  I know Facebook/ Instagram is not the first place you think of going when you need some motivation, that is because of what you have filled your timeline with. Instagram has so many great motivational pages. If you just follow some of them whenever you go on Instagram you will see motivational stuff. (For the number of times we go Instagram a day… that is a lot of motivation !! )

Goals– We all have different goals but most times we forget what the end  goal is. Let me give you an example. I am in uni my goal at the end of my degree is to graduate with a 1st or 2.1. For me to do that, I need to pass all my modules which means passing all those assignments.  When I am drowning in work I usually forget why I am doing all these work. In these moments, I simply remember my end goal which is to graduate with a 1st or 2.1 this immediately keeps me motivated.

Trust the process–  I am definitely not a patient person (working on that one) but I am learning to trust the process. I have learnt that the journey is as important as the destination. Diamonds are created under pressure. So when all hell breaks loose & you just want to go home & cry, look at it as sign that you are definitely on the right track.(It will definitely motivate you to fight harder)

Little Victories – Yes this is my favourite one, on the journey to achieving your end goal. We most learn to stop & celebrate your little victories. You finally finished that assignment that was the bane of your life. Feel free to go out for drinks or buy yourself something special. #lovelife. Do anything that makes you happy.

For me it’s” Lydia when you finish this assignment you & Amy are going out for an awesome afro beats night.. & waffles …. if you know me well nothing comes between me and my food !!! (that is some serious motivation)

Bonus one

#TeamJesus– Whenever I am down, I just take a min to talk to my loving heavenly father. For it is in him I live,move & have my being. He is the source of my strength. One of my favourite verse says

wait on the lord

How is that for motivation ???

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6 Replies to “5 simple & effective ways to stay motivated”

  1. The aspect of celebrating little achievement is a very important morale booster. Lydia, you are doing a great job! More grace…

  2. Wow! These are actually all true but never thought to have them done all at once. Trying to quit caffeine these might be a good substitute , they’ll def be that extra kick. Thanks boo :*

    Also I love your style of writing. It’s like I’m actually talking to you 🙂

  3. Thank you Ly, you deserve an award for this article. I have been really down this week, reading your article just got me really motivated. Keep up the good work

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