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I went down to London last week (because I can’t stay in one place). I actually went down to see the family. Back home in Nigeria, everyone wants to go to London. For some reason, they think it’s this magical place… I can’t blame them compared to Lagos I guess it is. To be honest I used to think so too until I finally got to London about 5 years ago. If London was my first impression of the UK I would have happily gone back home but thankfully I lived in the beautiful oxford. To say I hated London would be an understatement. Pls don’t get me wrong London is beautiful. BUT  the people were just plain rude. They were always in a rush, they pushed you around, nobody smiled, to top it off it was so expensive (Oyster card struggles). I was left wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to live in London it was honestly not worth all that hassle.

Since then I have been down to London a few times but I really didn’t give London much  of chance but last week my good old wondering spirit decided to. I was quite surprised with what I found.  keep reading to see all I got up to.

Stopped by China Town for Lunch

Stopped by one of the bakeries for dessert

Wondered around Leicester square

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M&M’s anyone ???


Decided to stop by Tower-hill


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Stopped  by Camden Market
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caught in the act
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Found this Cool African store will leave a link below

Speaking of African … we found this really great South African restaurant

How cool is this place ??
All hail the King!!!
The cutest shoe shop ever !!!
They are just so cute
Best pancakes ever !!

Unfortunately, guys I was too busy eating all the food I completely forgot take more pictures…. If you ever go to Camden make sure you check out the food market. I can sincerely say best street food ever !!! Plus everyone there is so nice. (Think I finally found the nicest people in London)

As I sat in Starbucks sipping my chia latte …. I listen to a French woman & an Italian man on their first date. (They were so cute). I realised that there were not many cities in the world where this would be happening. It was then I finally understood why someone in their right mind would live in London.

I guess London is not so bad after all guys

Top Tip:- Always take the time to wonder you never know what you may find xx

Link to the store:-


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