A Mother’s Love

Hi guys we just celebrated mother day on Sunday. I could not think of anything better to write this week but share my experience and understanding of what a mother’s love is. This one goes out to my real MVP/ all day every day. I love you all the way to the moon & back.


My mother was one of the first people to show me the true meaning of love. I am a bit lost for words to describe a mother’s love. ( That’s new for me). The way a mother loves is just one-word beautiful. She showed me the true meaning of simply with her actions every single day.I guess that is why I always say true love can not hide. (So you can blame my mother for my ridiculously high standards when it comes to relationships). I will give you an example.

I have a huge family, 7 siblings. We make it a point not to travel on the same plane. On our last trip to the village, we were taking a plane  from Lagos to Enugu. I was to travel with my mum and my 3 youngest siblings (The twins who were 3 and my baby brother who was 8 months at that time). Needless to say that we had our hands full. When we got on the plane the twins were making a mess they would not sit still, they kept throwing their food all over the place. One of them decided to vomit all over the plane. In the middle of all this mess, my baby brother started screaming because he needed a feed. “WORST FLIGHT OF MY LIFE”. I personally wanted to kill all of them because I totally sleep deprived and exhausted. All I wanted them to do was to just shut up so I could get some rest. 

My squad


In the middle of this mess, I thought my mother was going to wop their ass or scream at them to shut up or something. No !!!! Instead, she calmly cleaned them up, feed them, tried to use magazines and toys to entertain them. Not once did I see her complain or shout or get angry she was just calm through it all. I was so confused. Then  it finally hit me this is what unconditional love looks like WOW. Left to me I would DEFINITELY have killed them. 

I don’t get see my mum a lot because I am so far away from home but I can honestly say she is my heart beat. LOL I can constantly hear her voice telling what to do & what not to do.

My mother is too funny oo


she just too fine ooo !!

Big shout out to all the amazing mothers out there, you guys are the best!!!


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