Perfect Love

Hi guys, this is the first post for the new #TeamJESUS category !!!!!  I also have recording about this topic on SoundCloud I will leave a link below ..

This one is simple I just wanted to shed some light on being a Christian woman (Calm yourselves)

How can I even begin to explain the love of God. It is like asking me to explain why air is important ???  The answer is simple without it I would die

no fear

A lot of people love God or say they love God because of what he does … I won’t even lie. I was one of them. That is why when I didn’t get my way I would throw a tantrum !!!

I would put my hands up in the air and mourn..& get angry with God. I had to grow as a person and finally come to the understanding that I love & worship God not because of what does or what he has done or even for what he will do.. . The answer to why I love God is simple.

I love God because of who he is

This begs the question who is God??? This is an interesting question Moses asked a similar question when God sent him to rescue the people of Israel from Egypt . Moses asked God who should I say sent me… (Exodus 3:14)

God answered tell that I AM THAT I AM sent you

That just blows my mind every time….. God is that amazing that no words could actually describe him..

He is that much of a BOSS ! … “I AM THAT I AM” WOW

I will try to use some words to describe him

  • God is Love
  • God is Merciful
  • God is Faithful 
  • God is Peace
  • God is Beautiful  
  • God is Kind 

I could try to explain all these qualities to you … but honestly, my words will do them no justice so I won’t even try.

But I will say this … His perfect love consumes you driving out fear, His mercy meets you when you are face down flat on the ground & his beauty brings you to your knees.

From a  Christian woman .. The answer to the all important question why are you are you a  Christian is simple

I am a Christian because I am completely in love with who God is

P.S How could you know of a Love like that and even want to live without it?

Lydia xx

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