Words …..

Thanks to the internet ….  (which I completely love & I still believe that wifi is a human right). We are no longer accountable for our words.

We simply just write whatever we like because no one holds us accountable for our words. Just because no one holds us accountable for our words doesn’t mean that they have any less impact.


The bible says that (yes I am bringing the bible into this)

The power of life and death is in our tongue (proverbs 18 vs 21)

I will give you an example… I have recently been struggling to juggle  final year, 2 part-time jobs, applying for job full-time physiotherapy jobs, being CSP rep & keeping up with the blog. To be completely honest I was beginning to feel like a complete idiot & defeated.

Then as was just randomly speaking to one of my friends & he calls me “everydaypeoplebylydia” I was like what??? Then he replies is that not the name of  your blog .. we both started laughing. He then proceeds to tell me that he loves the blog and that I should keep up the good work. I smiled & said thank you… I will do my best.

In that very moment he did not know what his words truly meant to me .. without knowing he had encouraged me & cheered me on with his just his words. He had indirectly told me not feel like a complete idiot & to keep fighting. For that I will be forever grateful

So every Monday will be #goodwords.

We most learn to become conscious of our words…. We most remember that our words have great power. We must learn to use that power to encourage, motivate, bless & compliment


Lydia xx


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