How are you???

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This one is straight from my heart with Love … wanted to draw your attention to this Enjoy xx

We all run into a friend, colleges, acquaintances or even family.The first thing we say is

Hi !!! How are you ???

The socially acceptable answer is .. I am fine thank you & you ?? They also respond by saying I am fine thank you…

Then we automatically move on to other topics

Have you ever wondered what I am fine even means ??? Does I am fine mean all is well ???



That we tell every day just to make other people comfortable (or are we lying to our on selves ? ). The truth is 95% of the time we are not fine. But we can’t say that … OR can we ??

Let’s imagine this conversation

A: Hi

B: Hi

A: How are you ??

B: I am not fine, I hate my job …. My life is a complete disaster !!!

A: Ok ???


 If you were person A, what would you say ?? The truth is that we are not trained to answer like B.  We are taught to say” everything is fine”. The reason we are comfortable with saying everything is fine is because we don’t want anyone to know that we are not fine.

The amount of lies we hide behind saying we are “fine” is truly on unimaginable. 

The truth is that we can only really know what a person tells us

We ask the question “how are you” out of habit, hoping to get the right answer ..” I am fine thank you & you?” . The bold truth is that we don’t really want to know the answer to that question. So next time you ask someone that question & their answer is fine. 

Pls ask them what fine means .. ???

Lydia xx


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3 Replies to “How are you???”

  1. Hahahaha…this has to go to the ladies. Because from an African perspective, when a lady stresses ‘am fine’, you sense that all is not well. So its like it is psychologically wired.

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