“Streets of Manchester”

Everyone knows that you find the true kings and Queens of fashion on the street. These individuals have fearlessly braved the retail aisles & come out on top (Flawless). I think that it is time we pay homage to the true kings and Queens of fashion.


I probably like dressing up as much as the next girl, There is something about looking all kinds of flawless all rolled up in one. As my sister would say dress to depress or one of my favourite quotes which is:

dress like you are going to see your worst enemy today

IMG_1535 (1)
How you should look when you are going to see your worst enemy …LOL

The idea behind “Streets of manchester” came when I was looking at all this amazing fashion blogs and runway shows. Then I realised that everyday people like us would never dress like that. Pls don’t get me wrong they look amazing on the different models. But honestly, even if we could afford the clothes. We would have nowhere to wear them to???? Except you feel like walking around uni or Tesco .. Highly overdressed.

I won’t say I know everything about fashion, but my blog is about highlighting the normal life of everyday people while inspiring us with their stories one step at a time. I also wanted to help break the different stereotypes people have about Christian women

No !!! We do not all work around with pale looking skirts that touch the floor & yes we know how to use make- up !!!

For the launch of Streets of Manchester, I have chosen two amazing women that truly embody what the “streets of Manchester” is all about …
Meet Serena & Charlene Hinds
They are not just beauty they are also brains … Working part-time & successfully running Bare naked skin an amazing skin care line (Link below)


Serena’s style is bold
while for Charlene’s it is more classy with a bit of sass


It may or may not surprise you to learn that they are also Christian women
More laughs …..

I hope you guys love “Streets of Manchester” as much as I do. I honestly don’t know what I will find on the “Streets of Manchester”  but I look forward to sharing this journey with you all


Check out Charlena & Serena’s Facebook page

Photo credits goes to my amazing friend Anne Anne Tumblr page


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