You should have seen my face when I saw this ad come up on youtube. I was like Yes!!! Finally, they are getting it right.

I was so happy with this ad because it is something I  believe very strongly in. If you are wondering why ??? the reason is simple

I come from a country (Nigeria) where people are defined by their gender, tribes e.t.c Immediately you walk through the door they have already labelled you. They have decided who you are, the kind of things they think you like & most of all what you can & can’t do. Our culture encourages women to make them ourselves small  or try to  put us in boxes just to make other people feel comfortable

Luckily for me, I went to an all-girls secondary school.  There we were all the same. Nobody told us what we could not do, instead they told us all the things we could do. There nobody told us we could not go into the science department because we were not “smart enough” or these kind of subjects are “only for boys”.  There we learnt how to build cars & how to cook.  We got to define ourselves as we deemed fit. When it come to sports we played basketball, football, chess..e.t.c

I can honestly say we did it all….. pls permit me to say WE KICKED ASS IN ALL AREAS.

I never realised that it was any different in the world until I left high school & started talking to other people. I soon realised in other places or schools this was not the norm

I will give you a personal example

A  few months ago I was in my friends kitchen having dinner. We were talking about running a `10k, just trying to estimate how long it would take. As I am definitely not a fit a fitness guru I asked how long 10k was in miles. The answer was about 3.o miles. So I said that means a 10k is only about 6.0 miles, I run about 3.0 miles in roughly 25 mins at the gym so a 10k does not sound so bad it should take about 50mins to run.

My friend turns around, looks at me & says,” Lydia I don’t think you know what you are talking about you can’t run a 10k in about 50mins”. I was totally confused so I asked why not ????

His answer was shocking..!!! He said ” yes it is possible for me because I am fit honestly Lydia I don’t think you are fit”. You should have seen my face… excuse you BOO why will you in God name from just looking at me decide what I a can & can’t do ????

when you judge

To be honest I don’t blame him, From the way I look big booty & all you would not think I was very fit or strong. It finally dawned on me a few days later that, that was his label of me

Of course you know I went back to prove him wrong & teach him a good lesson. I not only completed my 10k run but I placed 2nd in the women’s. Now I have a medal to prove it

   That is why I love “my and’s”  it reminds me to break all the labels set for me

      Today I  am a proud runner, blogger, CSP rep, International ambassador, barrister,                     Youtuber ,waitress & soon to be Physiotherapist



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